Hotels in the USA

The USA is high on many holidaymakers’ hit lists. A number of US airlines operate out of the larger hubs such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, making these cities popular for stopovers en-route to another part of the States or even the world.

It’s difficult to know where to start, whether you’re planning a short stay or longer vacation in America. Do you head for New York, where you can shop in some of the world’s biggest and best known stores and explore the fascinating villages and districts that make up this mighty metropolis? Or head for the more bookish Boston, with its characteristic leafy, brownstone buildings and vibrant student lifestyle? 

Want to head out west instead? Many consider LA a must, where you can amble along the Walk of Fame, looking out for your favourite film star’s name as the iconic sign dominates the skyline from its lofty position in the Hollywood Hills. There’s far more to California than the City of Angels though. Orange County is gaining popularity, thanks to its laid-back vibe and brilliant surfing beaches. Bohemian San Francisco has long been a favourite, treasured for its friendly atmosphere and slightly alternative vibe. Then you can head inland to sample the state’s many wineries or hop on a flight to Nevada and see Las Vegas’ famous strip or explore the Grand Canyon.

Then there’s Chicago, Seattle and the charming cities of the Deep South - as well as New England and the vast, sparsely populated expanses of the Mid West. If you want to discover this varied country, why not check our selection of USA hotels?

Cheap hotels can be found all over the country - even in pricey cities like New York. Some of these will be in centrally located places, convenient for the main attractions of the area. You can also find motels, which are ideal for travellers wanting to explore this vast country by car. 

As you might expect, there are plenty of luxury hotels in the USA too. The major cities all have their fair share of iconic properties that make for a truly memorable holiday experience. If a beach break is more your thing, Miami offers the chance to stay in a landmark, deluxe property, perhaps overlooking the ocean - making this seaside state perfect for a truly special family getaway.