Tunisia Hotels

Tunisia is ideal for relaxing with plenty of holiday adventures to enjoy. You will discover a blend and a mixture of North African customs and lots of the sophistication of the Mediterranean. With many miles of beautiful sandy beaches, a multitude of historic sites dating back to the 8th century and fascinating culture you will find a Tunisian holiday truly unforgettable. You will find some incredible prices in Tunisian hotels whether they are 2/3 star cheap or 5 star luxury. With QuickRooms you will be presented a broad range of accommodation to suit every taste from All Inclusive hotels to self catering apartments.

If it's a desert safari your after or scuba diving trip to explore the reefs, holidays to Tunisia will provide you with a lifetime of memories. For a fun filled day out with all the family or friends why not pay a visit to Carthageland located in Hammamet Yasmine where there is an aqua park and a theme park which includes a kid zone, Aladdin Park, a King Kong attraction and a 5D cinema! 

Tunisia also has a number of great golf courses set in stunning surroundings. These include the El Kantaoui course which has stunning sea views, the Residence Golf course on the outskirts of Carthage and the Flamingo Golf course which overlooks the lakes of Monastir.So, if you do enjoy a round of golf on holiday why not browse QuickRooms hotels that are located within close proximity of these golf courses at cheap prices.

Tunisia has a typically Mediterranean climate with hot summers guaranteeing lovely warm waters and a mild winter given it's close proximity to the Sahara desert.

In the resort of Hammamet there are manicured gardens, wide beaches and crystal-clear waters where you can completely kick back and unwindin one of our luxury hotels. Djerba is anidyllic spot in the south-east and is renowned for its stunning landscapes of palm trees and sand-swept beaches.

Tunisian has a cuisine that is heavily influenced by Arabic and French styles and you will find the combination of lamb, spices, fresh vegetables and olive oil difficult to resist. You will also be able to savour delicious dishes from all over the world whether that is in your hotel or a local restaurant.

If you prefer shopping to museums, you’ll revel in the experience of Nabeul Market. Hailed as North Africa’s largest street market, you’ll find everything from pottery, ceramics, embroidery to spices, perfumes and chocolates with many varieties of couscous readily available for you to sample. A beautiful showcase of colour, smells and flavours, this bustling market is a wonderful experience.

If you fancy sampling a desert safari, a round of golf or relaxing near crystal-clear waters why not see our hotels in Tunisa?