Hotels in Toulouse

La Ville Rose, so-called because of its pretty pink architecture, has many features to charm visitors. There’s a food and wine scene that’s nothing short of fabulous, and sipping a glass of fine French wine in one of the city’s historic squares is definitely one of the highlights of a visit to this city.

As for food, local specialities you simply must sample include cassoulet, foie gras, outstanding charcuterie, crepes and sweet treats flavoured with violet. The city is festival-central too, with celebrations including the Toulouse Summer Festival as well as a colourful celebration of the Argentine Tango. The city is infused with a Latin flavour, which means you can sample Spanish tapas dishes here as well alongside classic French cuisine.

If you like spending time by the water, the city’s Canal du Midi can lead you to the French coastline, or you can take a bike ride by the River Garonne, where some very grand architecture stands along the stretch of riverbank that winds through the city. Some Toulouse hotels offer calming views of the canal or river, and may even be housed in historic buildings with beautiful architectural features.

For fans of impressive structures, the Place du Capitole is one of the most imposing squares in France, and is characterised by buildings constructed from the city’s trademark pink brickwork. The city hall dates from the 1700s, and inside features a magnificent marble stairway that leads visitors to the impressive Salle des Illustres and its lavish frescoes.

If you want to see more of that unique pink architecture, then head to Hotel d’Assézat. Since the mid-1990s it has been home to by artworks by both old and modern masters, including Picasso, Tintaretto, Matisse, Canaletto and Bonnard among others. For a more contemporary take on things, you can visit the poster museum, Matou, or the utterly futuristic Cité de l’Espace, which children should love.

A dose of retail therapy can be obtained at the Marché Victor Hugo, which is a wonder to behold if you’re something of a foodie - wander among the many stalls to select some of the finest picnic fare you’ll find anywhere. If you’re into vintage style, the boutiques on the old town’s rue Peyrolières will delight.

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