Orlando Hotels

Orlando, Florida is world famous for its theme parks and they are at least part of the reason that so many people visit. For many families, a trip to Walt Disney World in particular is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime trip. There’s more to this city than Disney though. There’s no denying that it’s theme park central, but there are other things to do in this popular Floridian resort.

Orlando offers a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and holiday itineraries. There are relatively cheap Orlando hotels that allow you just the same opportunities to see the theme parks and other parts of the city and Florida while on a budget. Orlando hotels deals can be good value for money as intense competition means there often are some great deals to be had.

As it’s known as the ‘theme park capital of the world’, Orlando is often associated with family holidays. It’s not just about the kids though. From young solo travellers to loved-up couples and retirees, the world of Disney appeals to the child in everyone. Hoteliers know this and this is why it’s easy to find just the right property to stay in when you visit Orlando.

Walt Disney World’s most fierce competition comes from Universal Orlando Resort, which has the magic of Harry Potter and Hogwarts on its side. Then the resort has its own Legoland and SeaWorld too. It’s difficult to imagine the scale of these parks without actually seeing them for yourself. The largest have vast parks within, such as ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ at Universal. Disney’s ‘Magic Kingdom’ is just one of 22 parks within Walt Disney World.

Outside the theme parks, the region has lots more to offer visitors. A wide range of restaurants offer a smorgasbord of global cuisines and fine dining options, and the city has thriving arts and museum venues, as well as plenty of shops. A generous sprinkling of parks and tree-lined streets add colour and there is a huge range of golf courses.

You can venture further afield easily too. The Florida coast begins just an hour away, then stretches south for nearly 500 miles. If you’re into nature, The Everglades are a must-see, where you can spot all sorts of native flora and fauna - including alligators.

If you think that a spell in sunny Orlando might suit you, you can check out the hotels we offer in Florida.