Naples Hotels

A holiday to Naples isn’t just about fabulous food, although that’s obviously one of this Italian city’s highlights. Visitors can also take in panoramic views over the Bay of Naples and absorb the area’s rich culture and history. For a trip that’s full of style, fascinating and beautiful sights, and of course lashings of pasta and pizza, Naples really is hard to beat.

Any foodie would be excited about the prospect of dining out in Naples, and this city doesn’t disappoint. Due to its position on the coast, the seafood and fish is delicious and plentiful, so why not try it Italian-style with dishes such as clam linguine or mussel tagliatelle? If seafood is not your thing, pasta with Neapolitan sauce is a local speciality worth sampling.

Kids and adults alike will be delighted to learn that the pizza was born in Naples - so where better to have fun finding your own favourite pizzeria? Afterwards, Italian gelato comes in a mind-boggling choice of flavours, or you can hunt down a lovely little pasticceria that sells shell-shaped sfogliatella - flaky pastries with a sweet, creamy ricotta-based filling.

Venturing a little out of town, Pompeii makes a great day trip destination and can be reached via a short half-hour car or train journey. Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, burying this Roman city beneath a dense layer of volcanic ash. You can now wander around the site, which contains well-preserved Roman villas and amphitheatres. Now, Mount Vesuvius is mainland Europe’s only active volcano, and if you feel so inclined, you can clamber to the summit to experience stunning views over the Bay of Naples.

Within Naples itself, you can uncover all sorts of little vignettes of Italian life when you wander through the twisting streets. The smallest, darkest alleyways can open out into majestic squares, busy markets or even a palace. In Cappella Sansevero, founded in the late 16th century, a marble sculpture depicting Veiled Christ is on display, or you can go underground to explore the Bourbon Tunnel, which was created in the 1600s as a means of escape for the ruler of the time, who feared an uprising. It was also used during air raids in World War II.

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