Hotels in Mexico

Whether you want to laze on one of the beaches of the Caribbean coast, try out some new-to-you water sports, trek through thick, tropical jungle or explore ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, a holiday to Mexico could fit the bill very nicely indeed.

Cancun is the biggest, best-known and probably the brashest resort, and home to some of the most vast and varied Mexico hotels. Many of the all inclusive hotels are to be found here, as well as some of the finest 5 star hotels in Mexico. Americans love Cancun, so if you’re a fan of all things stateside, the cafes, restaurants and bars of Cancun might suit you right down to the ground.

Head south and follow the coast to Playa del Carmen, which is in some ways Cancun on a smaller scale - think less frenetic nightlife and a quieter, hipper vibe. Playacar is one of Mexico’s most exclusive resorts, where sumptuous, sea view villas and top-end hotels abound, while the Riviera Maya is ideal for those who want to explore deeper underwater - as well as delve into the area’s ancient history and lie on bone-white sands.

Mexican food is famous the world over, with Mexican restaurants found as far from Central American as Europe, Asia and Australia. The ubiquitous chilli con carne - translated as ‘chilli with beef’, is consumed all over planet earth and is even competed over in cook-off contests. Vegetarians and vegans don’t miss out, either, as plenty of meat-free versions also exist. There are just about as many chill recipes as there are people on the planet, and it’s a dish everyone likes to make their own - as well as consume in vast quantities, of course.

The plush resort hotels of the Mexican coast offer all kinds of international dishes as well as Mexican food, so you tend to be spoilt for choice, whether you’d rather have a burger with fries on the side, a few slices of pizza, or a gastronomic tasting feast. If you really want to blow your socks off, try asking for an extra hot portion - you can always temper the searing heat with plenty of lime, guacamole, plain rice and tortillas.

If you feel like feasting your eyes on some fascinating ancient ruins or shoals of colourful fish, then a holiday to Mexico might be the perfect choice for you. Why not have a look at the accommodation options we offer in this colourful region?