Hotels in Marrakech

Marrakech is a city fabled for being an exotic destination. The Red City - so known because of the pinkish-hued walls that surround it - is a popular place for a short break or longer holiday. This Moroccan destination offers a holiday unlike any other, where you can sip mint tea while you haggle over a bargain and wander the souks in search of fragrant spices. Outside the medina, the city has some fabulous parks and historical sites too.

Hotels in Marrakech, Morocco range from basic and budget friendly to luxurious and otherworldly. Cheap hotels in Marrakech tend to be family run and take the form of traditional riads, where the guest rooms cluster around a central courtyard area that’s used for socialising, dining and relaxing. Meanwhile 5 star hotels in Marrakech offer every imaginable luxury and facility, including international dining and a selection of swimming pools.

Life in Marrakech centres around the Medina, a haphazard mishmash of lanes and alleys that are packed with visitors and locals going about their daily life. Visiting the souks and bartering over must-buy items is par for the course in the Moroccan city and traders will welcome guests with tea served local-style in glass cups.

Outside the walled area, there are designer and branded goods available in the city’s main shopping avenues, which cluster around the Hivernage and Guéliz districts. As well as retail therapy, the districts outside the Medina are refreshingly and surprisingly lush and green. There is an abundance of parks and the Jardin Majorelle, which used to be owned by Yves Saint Laurent, is well worth a visit if you enjoy the sight of exoctic plants and trees and the sounds of water flowing from fountains and beautiful birdsong.

Back in the Medina, it’s not just heaps of colourful spices and glittering silver and glassware that will enchant tourists. Storytellers and snake charmers also enthral guests, distracting them from their purpose as they peruse the stalls of the souks.

Moroccan cuisine has become increasingly popular over recent decades, with many British homes now owning a traditional Moroccan cooking pot. Tagines are hearty Moroccan main dishes cooked in these distinctive clay pots - and are something visitors will want to sample. Chickpeas, preserved lemons, harissa and spices flavour this authentically Moroccan dish, which is sometimes made with meat such as lamb or poultry or may be served meat free.

If you fancy sampling the souks and securing a bargain buy in this inimitable city, why not see our hotels in Marrakech?