Hotels in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is situated off the North African coast, so it offers year-round sunshine, with temperatures averaging in the mid-20s. It is therefore a popular destination for sunny breaks during the colder months of the year and with those who enjoy a Spanish flavour to their food - and their holiday.

Hotels in Lanzarote suit all budgets and holiday preferences. Cheap hotels in Lanzarote can cater for those on a budget, providing clean, safe base for your stay, while 5 star hotels in Lanzarote offer every imaginable luxury. If you want to have everything taken care of financially before you fly, why not look into all-inclusive hotels in Lanzarote?

The range of resorts on the island vary as much as the accommodation does. Puerto del Carmen is one of the main resorts and a whole mile of golden sand provides the perfect backdrop for a spot of sunbathing, sea bathing or water sport activity. Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca also make great destinations for a family or couples’ holiday, each having a good range of hotels and long, sandy beaches.

Outside the resorts, there is lots to do. Lanzarote is favoured by walkers, cyclists and surfers, as well as those who love their food and wine. In terms of art, César Manrique’s influence is felt all over the island, not least because he strived to save the place from overdevelopment. His artistic creations are dotted about the volcanic landscape and on the island’s north coast there is even an underground bar and concert hall that he created from the existing caves.

Lanzarote’s terrain is intriguing; it is a landscape scorched and scarred by the numerous volcanic cones and black lava. This gives the interior of the island a space-like quality, and makes it one of the most unique and enthralling landscapes in the world. The region has UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status.

Food in Lanzarote is dominated by Spanish culinary traditions and dishes. Tapas is perennially popular, as it is presently all over the world. A good paella made with fresh seafood is something most people will enjoy, while slices of potato and pepper packed Spanish omelette, or tortilla, make a great light lunch or snack. In the larger resorts and hotels - especially the all-inclusive properties - there are lots of international cuisines to sample and savour as well.

If a holiday between beaches and barren, volcanic landscape appeals to you, why not have a look at the range of hotels we offer in Lanzarote?