Hotels in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world in which to take a holiday, and it’s easy to see why. It is packed with breath-taking art and architecture, historical monuments, beaches, mountains and fascinating cities. You can shop for cutting-edge fashions in Milan, take a gondola trip in Venice, explore Florence and Tuscany and spend many days sightseeing in Rome.

Then there’s the Vatican City - officially a separate country, and a must-see for Catholics from all over the globe. Lake Garda is a big draw, and there are many more fabulous cities to discover, including Pisa, Naples and Verona. During winter, you can even ski in the northern Dolomites or Alps.

Italian cuisine is one of the most celebrated - and devoured - in the world too. Pizza, pasta, risotto and of course ice cream or gelato are staples on family and restaurant menus everywhere. The chance to dine on such specialities in Italy is one to be savoured, and the fresh produce from the sea and countryside is also outstanding. Then there are some very fine Italian wines, including the ubiquitous Prosecco.

The climate is pleasant too - warmer than the UK in general but rarely exceedingly hot. Italians know how to enjoy life, and spending some time just people-watching, especially at dusk around the city squares, is a must. You can hear the thrum of many Vespas and perhaps even hire a classic or modern Fiat 500 to navigate the busy, narrow streets.

Hotels in Italy are as varied as the terrain, towns and cities. Some of the most sumptuous 5 star hotels in Italy are found close to locations such as St Mark’s Square in Venice, the Colosseum in Rome, the shores of Lake Garda, the harbour in Portofino or on the island of Capri. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Italy too, catering to those travelling on a budget - especially students and younger people who come to study the famous artwork, history or culture in Florence or Rome.

Whether you want a beach holiday, to be based by a tranquil lake, live the high life in an exclusive resort, explore ancient ruins, go skiing or sailing, shop until you drop, spend time in the countryside, visit wineries or gaze up at incomparable frescoes, Italy has the hotel and holiday for you. Then there’s the delicious food and very quaffable wine.

Why not check out the selection of Italy hotels we offer? You might be living ‘la dolce vita’ sooner than you think.