Istanbul Hotels

You’ll never visit anywhere quite like Istanbul, as it’s the only city in the world to straddle two continents. This cultural melting-pot of a metropolis is also firmly rooted in ancient history, yet is also, by turns, ultra-modern. Where else on earth can you barter at the bazaar and snap up styles from a cutting-edge boutique, see the Blue Mosque, Byzantine frescoes and Ottoman architecture as well as glittering skyscrapers and modern art galleries?

And when it comes to Istanbul hotels, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take your pick from super-sleek 5 star hotels, or plump for a more traditional property that’s typical of cheap hotels in the Istanbul area. Sort out your spending before you leave home by opting for one of many all inclusive hotels - as everything tends to be very affordable in this beguiling city you’ll need to bring very little spending money.

Turkish food is one of the delights of a trip to this fascinating destination. The culinary options on offer here are as diverse as they are delicious. Local specialities include large platters of sharing mezes, which make for a very sociable way of dining as well as affording the opportunity to try a range of scrumptious dishes. The freshest fish features heavily on the east-meets-west city’s menus, and kebabs are packed with chunks of succulent meat, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to those you might have sampled back home. If you prefer your food to have an international flavour, or simply like to ring the changes, you can eat dishes from all over the globe in Istanbul. From Italian to Indian, there’s something for all tastes.

Wandering through a Turkish bazaar is a must-do when visiting Istanbul, and there are some real bargains to be snatched up. Pretty, eye-catching glassware is popular, as are genuine Turkish carpets and rugs. Food-wise, those with a sweet tooth will head straight for the baklava and, of course, Turkish delight. This super-sugary confection is often delicately flavoured with rose, lemon or other sweet tastes, and comes in an array of colours - without so much as a chocolate drop in sight.

If you want to cruise the Bosphorus Strait, experience a steamy Turkish hammam, explore the Old City, formerly known as Constantinople, or admire the Byzantine mosaics at Hagia Sophia, why not check out the range of hotels we offer in Istanbul?