Hotels in Hurghada

The Egyptian resort of Hurghada is situated on the Red Sea coast and is particularly popular with dive enthusiasts who like to explore life underwater. This hot and sunny spot also boasts great beaches, as well as a fascinating culture and history, with areas remaining pretty much untouched by time or mass tourism. There’s also easy access into the desert, making this a destination with lots to offer.

All-inclusive hotels in Hurghada are perennial favourites and understandably so. Budgeting for a great holiday is made simple when you don’t have to think about paying for meals, drinks and many activities, so you can truly relax and enjoy your time under the Egyptian sun. There are a great range of other hotels too, from family-friendly properties to 5 star hotels in Hurghada that are aimed at couples who want a peaceful getaway.

Many of the hotel complexes, especially the all-inclusive options, are large and offer a great selection of dining options, swimming pools, water sports and other activities, so there’s no need to leave the resort at all unless you want to.

If you do want to experience some of the culture, history and natural environment of this unique destination, there are lots of options. The old town, El Dana, features a maze of narrow alleys, where you can stumble upon traditional stalls and bazaars and mingle with the locals.

Desert safaris are popular too, offering visitors the chance to venture into the vast sands of the Sahara desert - on a camel’s back if that appeals. Sakalla, in contrast, is the modern, upmarket part of Hurghada, where there are smart shops to browse in and luxury yachts in the marina to admire.

Diving is one of the favourite pastimes among visitors to Hurghada and there are a large number of excellent dive schools to choose from. The Red Sea’s waters become deeper very gradually, making it safe for children to enjoy a paddle too. Once further out, adult divers can see World War 2 shipwrecks as well as coral reefs and brightly coloured, tropical fish.

Dining options in Hurghada are varied, with dishes from all over the globe featuring on hotel menus. Many hotels, particularly those offering all-inclusive packages, will have a number of restaurants, so you can dine in style, as well as differently, every night.

If you’d like to discover the Red Sea and experience Egypt, why not browse the range of hotels in Hurghada on offer here?