Cairo Hotels

Cairo is known locally as Umm Ad Dunya, which translates into ‘Mother of the World’. It is the second largest Muslim city on the planet and is packed with intrigue at every turn. This city is at the very least lively, and at times frenetic, and the entire place is like a living outdoor museum.

Whether you want to stay at a property offering the most sumptuous levels of luxury, as per a range of 5 star hotels in Cairo, or would rather stay somewhere more affordable but comfortable, like the cheap hotels in Cairo, you can find the base that’s perfect for the kind of holiday you want - as well as your budget.

Cairo is the birthplace of ancient Egypt, and the famous pyramids, including the Great Pyramid, are located just beyond the city limits. This is also true of the Sphinx - both sights that anyone who comes to see Egypt’s attractions would have very high in their list. It’s not the most peaceful city, but this fascinating metropolis simply buzzes with life. The mosques belt out their call to Muslims to pray several times daily from among the minarets, and the traffic noise reverberates through the throbbing, tangled streets.

If you are used to a quieter lifestyle give it a chance - many soon find the sheer energy of this city as revitalising as a day at a luxury spa. Once ensconced in the comfort of one of the all inclusive hotels in the Cairo region, the air-conditioning and soundproofing will allow you to retreat to a more silent spot if you so wish anyway.

Shopping and spending time with the locals are popular pastimes in Cairo. A visit to the city’s busy markets and souks is an absolute must, where you can haggle over cut-price carpets, lamps, jewellery, crafts and more. Khan el Khalili is retail central, where you can soak up the local culture as well as picking up some unique souvenirs to take home. Sample a shisha pipe and sip some super-sweet shai as you converse with the people of Cairo.

Food in Cairo can be whatever you want it to be. The city’s food stalls offer a superb selection of street food, affording ample opportunity to try local specialities, while upmarket hotels offer all kinds of international dishes.

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