Hotels in Bruges

Bruges is sometimes referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’ and it’s easy to see why. Like its Italian counterpart, Bruges is located around a network of twisting canals that criss-cross this compact city. Bruges is not built on water in the same way as Venice, however. There is much more solid ground, meaning that there are pretty squares in the city in which to admire the architecture or simply relax with a coffee.

The twin delights of beer and chocolate are a must when in Bruges. Belgian chocolate is widely regarded as the world’s finest, so a visit to one of the city’s fine chocolatiers, most of which are centred on Katelijnestraat, is essential. Later in the day, there are plenty of local Belgian brews to sip as you watch the world go by on water or dry land. By day, you can also visit the Beer Museum to learn about the brewing process before indulging in some samples.

Tourism has become one of Bruges’ main industries, meaning that there’s a packed programme of cultural events and exhibitions. Some of the native artists’ paintings, such as those by van Eyck or Memling, give an insight into this fascinating city, as well as being a beautiful sight to behold.

If you love to explore history, Bruges can certainly delight. There’s some stunning examples of medieval architecture to gaze up at while meandering along the city’s cobbled lanes. For a fresh perspective on this ancient city, take to the water - canal boat rides are very popular with visitors and offer a new way to admire the classic Belgian buildings.

There are fabulously romantic luxury hotels in Bruges, some of which are housed in the city’s ancient buildings and are therefore packed with character and charm. There are also cheap hotels in Bruges, meaning the city is an accessible destination even for those without a lot of cash to splash. The fact that it’s not at all far from British shores also helps in this regard.

A cool climate adds to the romantic appeal of Bruges, so wrapping up warm to wander the cobbled and medieval streets during the colder months is all part of the experience. Take in an exhibition, sample some handmade Belgian chocolates and try the local craft beers.

If you fancy a break in this beautiful Belgian city, why not check out the Bruges hotels we offer?