Bodrum Turkey Hotels

Bodrum is one of the most popular places to holiday in Turkey and it’s easy to see why. This smart, cosmopolitan harbour town is located on the Bodrum peninsula, an area offering breathtaking natural beauty, a rich history, fabulous beaches, exciting nightlife and traditional fishing villages.

Both Bodrum and nearby Gumbet cater very well for tourists and together offer the very best of what a holiday in Turkey has to offer - including a great range of accommodation to suit all types of travellers and all budgets. You’ll find Bodrum hotels and self-catering apartments everywhere from pebble or sand beaches right through to the centre of this port city.

Turkey has a gloriously sunny climate, and because swimming pools come as standard even at cheap Bodrum hotels and apartments, you can really lie back and enjoy soaking up the sun’s rays before enjoying a refreshing swim in the pool - or in the sea if you stay near the beach. Accommodation is air-conditioned and English-speaking staff offer warm Turkish hospitality. Luxury Bodrum hotels offer all modern amenities and comforts, including a range of swimming pools set in landscaped gardens, as well as restaurants.

The Bodrum peninsula has a fascinating and rich history for visitors to explore. Perched on a hill, very close to town is a classical, Greek-style amphitheatre, one of the best remaining structures from the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Positioned right by the road leading to Gumbet, the amphitheatre is now used for concerts plus theatrical and cultural events.

Another relic from the Halicarnassus era is the remains of the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, located right in the centre of Bodrum. Alas, they are not as well preserved as the amphitheatre, but are still worth a look if you’re in Bodrum, considering that there’s no need to travel far. They really bring to life the fact that such an ancient Greek city once stood where Bodrum is today.

Wherever you choose to stay, the food available in the Bodrum area will delight your senses. Turkey’s pride is the country’s own version of pizza and is offered with a wide variety of delicious toppings - some with a very Turkish flavour. Kebabs comprise skewers of lightly spiced, chargrilled, fresh meat or poultry and vegetables, while the Mediterranean supplies the freshest seafood and fish. Being such a cosmopolitan resort, there are a range of cuisines on offer at Bodrum’s restaurants, whether you prefer Indian, Chinese, British, Turkish or vegetarian dishes.

If you want to explore this lovely Turkish town, why not have a look at the options we offer, including luxury Bodrum hotels?