Athens Hotels

Dominated by the Acropolis that can be seen from just about every corner of the city, Athens is undoubtedly an attractive city break destination. There’s ancient Greek culture and history to explore in addition to superb shopping and fabulous food. As well as its fascinating past, the city has a thriving cosmopolitan, contemporary side that includes vast nightclubs that throb by night with techno beats.

There’s a huge range of Athens hotels for visitors to choose from. Cheap hotels in Athens may typically be family-run, traditionally Greek ‘pensions’, perhaps with a small, intimate taverna attached, while 5-star hotels in Athens include world-class properties that offer the ultimate in facilities, comfort and service. Whether you want to sample a traditionally Greek building and way of life or would like to live it up in plush, luxurious accommodation, there’s a hotel in Athens that’s just right for you.

Eating out is one of the biggest pleasures of any trip to the Greek mainland or islands. Greek restaurants are highly popular all over the planet, while the ubiquitous hummus is to be found even in the smallest corner shops in Britain. As with most Mediterranean cuisines, Greek dishes make the most of olive oil, fresh salads and vegetables, seafood, fish and meat cooked simply yet to a very high standard. Moussaka is one of the best-known Greek specialities, featuring minced lamb, aubergines, potatoes and tomatoes. Eating out at a traditional Greek taverna is a must, but there’s also a great variety of international restaurants in Athens if you feel like sampling something different.

The Acropolis is a huge, imposing Golden Age temple city that dates back to the 5th century BC, and it alone attracts many holidaymakers to Athens. Since the 1970s, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been painstakingly restored, and a sunset visit gives holidaymakers the chance to witness the breathtaking sight of the monument glowing and changing colour.

There are plenty of other sites of historical interest in Athens, including the Panathenaic Stadium, which has its background in Greece’s rich sporting history. Seeing a show at one of the city’s open-air amphitheatres is a favourite with visitors, particularly when it takes place at the spectacular Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

If you fancy a stay in the ancient home of the Acropolis, why not search our range of hotels in Athens, Greece? We’re sure you’ll find something ideal for your budget and requirements.